Immanuel Baptist Church Reentry Information 

together again

We will temporarily offer twin service gatherings on Sunday mornings at 8:30am and 10:45 am.


Childcare up to age 3 will be available during the 8:30 service. Classes will open for all children, infants through 6th grade, at 10:45am.

Children’s Classes: Things are a bit different due to COVID-19 Guidelines:

• Please plan to check in at the COURTYARD DOUBLE DOORS 10-15 minutes ahead of time; and
• Please click to review these wellness guidelines before your children attend.


Immanuel Family,


We are now gathering in-person Sundays at 8:30am and 10:45am. Things don’t look quite the same, of course. Here are the details:


• Check with your Sunday School class for details when they will meet – or check in with a greeter at the door. 


• We would encourage anyone who is considered vulnerable to continue to shelter at home. Vulnerable individuals include: those with serious underlying health conditions, including high blood pressure, chronic lung disease, diabetes, obesity, asthma, those whose immune system is compromised from chemotherapy and the elderly. 


• If you or an immediate family member is feeling sick or running a fever, please continue to shelter at home.


• Ushers will direct you to your seats to enable us the opportunity to maximize our seating capacity. We encourage family units to sit together.


• The North Transept and North Transept Parking Lot (corner of Monument & Thompson) will be reserved for those in our vulnerable population who choose to attend. 


• The Mizpah Room will be used as an overflow room. 


• There will be hand sanitizer stations at each entrance. 


• Face covering is required by the State of Virginia for all individuals 10 or older unless you meet one of the criteria established by the State. We will have limited quantities if anyone needs one. Please bring your own if you can.


• You will be dismissed by rows to ensure social distancing. 



Reentry FAQS


1. Will there be restrooms available?


Yes. Restrooms will be available in the Narthex of the Sanctuary. The restrooms at the front of the church next to the piano and the organ will also be available. Restrooms will also be available in the Fellowship Hall and Mizpah room.  


2. Should my family sit together?


Yes. Family units who live together should sit together to help to maximize our seating capacity. 



3. Will the church office be open?




4. Will there be a place for nursing mothers and for the changing of diapers?


Yes. The Ladies restroom in the Narthex of the Sanctuary will be available.  


5. Should I wear a face covering? 


Yes. Please adhere to the guidelines established by the Governor of Virginia. There will be a limited number available so please bring your own.

6. Will there be a nursery and children’s programs?


Churchtime children’s ministries have begun. Learn more. 


7. Will there be an offering taken?


There will be offering boxes located at the entrances. You may drop your gift there or continue to mail a check or give online.


8. Should I practice Social Distancing in the Parking Lot?



9. Will the church library be open?


No. There will be containers in the Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall and Mizpah Room to deposit your library books. Preorder books to check out via


10. What cleaning procedures are in place to keep everyone attending safe?


All locations in use will be thoroughly cleaned before and after the service. There will also be sanitizing stations in all locations. 


11. Will bulletins and sermon guides be available?


There will be no paper copies of bulletin and sermon guides. Those may be found on the church app: Search IBC Richmond in your app store.


12. Will prayer reminders (general and missionary) be available?


There will be no paper copies. Prayer reminders will continued to be sent out by email. 


13. Will services continue to be recorded?


Yes. The recorded service will be released on Sunday by 4:00 pm. 

14. Should you come to IBC if I’m feeling sick?


No. If you are feeling sick please continue to shelter at home.


15. What precautions have been taken to make gatherings as safe as possible?


Immanuel is following all Federal, State and CDC guidelines including sanitizing all facilities, practicing social distancing, encouraging the wearing of facial coverings. 

16. Can I bring a visitor?


Absolutely. Remember, we will be practicing social distance so you will be seated 6 ft. from you guest. Feel free to inform the usher that you are together but need social distancing.