Community Groups by Location

community groups Immanuel baptist church richmond va

Chris & Barbara Luckett
IBC Richmond | The Fellowship Hall


John & Becky Cox
East End | Creighton Rd

community groups Goochland

Matt & Kristin Gilman
Art & Diana Stephens
Goochland County | Maidens

church community groups richmond va

Bob & Louise Turton
Larry & Melinda Clapp
Museum District | Richmond

Community Groups - Kinder

John & Christina Kinder
New Kent | Quinton

Community Groups - Kinder

John & Alison Denler
Northside | Ashland


Paul & Becky Dreiling
Southside | Bon Air


Trevor & Beka Thornton
Eric & Amy Seidlitz
Southside | Jahnke Rd


Chris & Megan Clark
Southside | Midlothian


Tom & Betsy Smith;
and Tami Jones
Southside | Midlothian


Billy & Jillian Kain
West End | Montpelier


Dick & Pam Anthony
West End | Sleepy Hollow

community group west end Samuels

Mike and Naveen Samuels
West End

community groups

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