The Church Grows  . . .

Amy HainesChurch Blog

I’m eagerly looking at my seed packets on this winter day.  Deciding what will go in my garden – what and when – we all pick our favorites.  This is also the time of year that seeds for summer missions are planted. God gives the church wonderful students who have a heart for Him and a desire to serve – … Read More

Rev. John Corcoran: Career in Ministry

John CorcoranChurch Blog

I was born in Jamestown, New York on July 19, 1946.  Most of my years through high school were spent living in a house my Dad built on my grandparents dairy farm.  When not working on the farm, my interests were motorcycles and trains.  When I graduated from high school in June 1964 my plan was to enter military service.  … Read More

Pastor Michael Introduces Sermon Series: Broken Body

Michael WilburnChurch Blog

God will use His Word to minister to us. As we are faithful to this Book, it will give us humility in ourselves and our abilities, give us great confidence in God’s work in the church, and it will bring us to the point that we will boast in no one else but the Lord Jesus Christ. Watch as Pastor … Read More

Jim Bennett: A Timeline of 50 Years

Jim BennettChurch Blog

View as PDF  50 YEARS of GOD’S FAITHFULNESS to JIM and BETSY BENNETT MINISTRY TIMELINE  OVERVIEW:  Date Event Description May 15, 1965 Jim’s salvation A New beginning September 1965-69 Washington Bible College B.A. in Biblical Education August 15, 1969 Marriage to Ann Elizabeth Inman Second most important life decision September 1969-74 Capital Bible Seminary Master of Divinity; Master of Theology … Read More

Studying God’s Word: Applying What the Text Means

Mike Srisam-angChurch Blog

Studying God’s word requires proper heart preparation, careful observation of what the text says, rightly interpreting the author’s intended meaning of what the text says (please refer to the previous posts), and lastly it involves applying what the text means. Once we have examined the text and have come to a conclusion about what the biblical text means according to … Read More

Studying God’s Word: Interpreting What the Text Means

Mike Srisam-angChurch Blog

Studying God’s word requires proper heart preparation and careful observation of what the text says (please refer to the previous posts). Now it is time to move from gathering information (observation) to understanding meaning (interpretation). Text-driven interpretation is the process where you are seeking to answer the question, “what does the text mean by what it says?” When dealing with … Read More

Studying God’s Word: Observing What the Text Says

Mike Srisam-angChurch Blog

Studying God’s word requires proper heart preparation. I proposed in last week’s post that the necessity of prayer, the requirement of purity, and the mindfulness of perspective are important as we approach the word of God. We need to realize our dependence and desperate need of divine guidance as we look to God’s Spirit inspired word. God requires our hearts and … Read More

Studying God’s Word: The Importance of Heart Preparation

Mike Srisam-angChurch Blog

The Bible is God’s divine revelation to man. This is how God has spoken to us (2 Pet 1:19-21) and this is how we can hear his voice. It is verbally inspired in every word and absolutely inerrant in the original documents. The Scriptures contain the very mind and thoughts of God (Isa 55:8-9), as well as the will of … Read More

Sunday Night Worship Gatherings

Michael WilburnChurch Blog

On four of the final six Sundays this year Immanuel will gather for an evening worship service. I want to challenge you to attend. I think that if you come you will not only benefit yourself but also bless others. I hope you will break the habit of never coming and build the routine of showing up. I hope you … Read More

Thanksgiving Pie & Praise: What to Expect?

Michael WilburnChurch Blog

Hospitality and Pie At 5:00 pm on Sunday night, November 18th, our church family will gather in the Fellowship Hall for Thanksgiving Pie & Praise. You can register HERE. Please bring one pie per family and deliver it to the kitchen on Sunday morning. When you arrive, start with dessert, find a place to stand or sit, and enjoy conversation … Read More