World Day of Prayer Event: Baptist Mid-Missions Celebrating 100 Years of Ministry!

by | Oct 11, 2019

Baptist Mid Missions 100 years

This Tuesday, October 15th Baptist Mid-Missions will launch its 100th anniversary year with an international prayer event broadcast on Facebook Live. From the home office in Cleveland, Ohio, this event will be hosted by BMM President Vernon Rosenau and President Emeritus Gary Anderson. You can mark yourself as interested or going to this event HERE. The online event begins at 10:00 am ET.

Baptist Mid-Missions exists to strategically advance the building of Christ’s church, with his passion and for his glory in vital partnership with Baptist churches worldwide. The “Mid” in Mid-Missions refers to the Mission’s original focus reaching interior regions and countries left with little or no access to the church. William Haas, the founder of BMM, pioneered this strategy advancing the Gospel into the heart of Africa, which is now known as Central African Republic.

It has been my privilege to serve Baptist Mid-Missions as an Elected Council member since 2012. Working on financial and administrative governance allows me to support tangibly the missionaries I pray for regularly. My brother, John Wilburn serves as a career church-planting missionary with BMM on the island of St. Vincent. Missions agencies are vital for missionaries and churches because they provide crucial services for safe, ethical, and successful global missionary work.

Join BMM for the World Day of Prayer event on Tuesday, October 15th. Get to know this historic mission agency. Let it prepare our hearts for Immanuel’s international missions conference and remind us to pray for missionaries serving the Lord and representing us on the frontline of Gospel advance.

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