Wishin’ I Could Be Fishin’ — for a GOOD BOOK | Reading Club, Summer 2019

by | Jun 21, 2019

IBC Richmond Book Club 2019

Our third-annual Reading Club re-boot will begin on Sunday, June 23rd, 2019 and end on Sunday, August 18th (a full 8 weeks).

Although all of us have books on our devices and shelves that we haven’t read yet, the purpose of our reading club is to encourage the usage of both the church and the public libraries. Readers are leaders as the saying goes, and for book lovers there is much to choose from this summer with many new books being poised and processed to be put onto the shelves. Check out the new additions to our on-line catalog at library.ibcrichmond.org. You will find many treasures to read.

Reading Club Sign-ups
Parents may sign their kids up in the library on Sundays, and after Family Worship in the Fellowship Hall on Wednesdays.   There are four levels available, all with catchy fishy names:  Tetras (Non-readers, ages 2-6); Bettas (Beginning Readers (1 hour a week; 10 minutes daily); Gouramis (Intermediate Readers, 2-3 hours a week; 30 minutes daily); and Arowanas (Advanced Readers; 6 hours a week, 60 minutes daily).  Readers will pick up their level-specific tracking logs on Sunday, June 23rd, or whenever they start logging their time weekly. Adults/Teens who would like to utilize one of the tracking logs for a level are welcome to do that, or they may choose to set a goal of so many books read by the end of the club.

Non-readers will be coloring in smiling fish for each book that is read to them and can count Story Time at the public library.   Come in each week to turn in your tracking sheet, and to “fish” for a prize from our ocean pool courtesy of Miranda Edds and Sue Henry. Now, we all know that summer is for more than reading with vacations, and family events, so do not stress if you miss a day—just make up the total by the end of the week. Life happens, so you can continue to count library books taken on vacation—just bring in the completed tracking sheet or have a parent attest to the amount read, and claim the current week’s prize as well as a named fish for each week completed.

At the end of the club, those who have completed at least 50% of the club will honored. We would like to thank Jessica Preas (for the beautiful flyers and tracking sheets), Miranda Edds (for being our prize lady again), and Sue Henry (for the decorations). There are many others who process books (Grace Brunner, Carol Froelich), staff the check-out desk (Beth Webel, Linda Deppen, Jessica Preas, John Taylor), and work hard to put books back onto the shelves (Makaila Key, Chloe Wilburn, and Drew Caldwell). If your book has a cover, it is thanks to Sara King—and that the books are in the computer at all, we thank Angela Caldwell and Martha Hancock.

Happy Summer Reading!

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IBC Richmond Book Club 2019