What My Father Taught Me

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President Lyndon B. Johnson signed an executive order on June 15, 1966 establishing the third Sunday in June as a day to honor our fathers. Six years later, President Richard Nixon signed a proclamation making Father’s Day a National Holiday. Father’s day gives each of us the opportunity to say thanks to our Fathers for their influence in our life. For many of us, our dads are no longer physically with us here on this earth. Please allow me to share with you a letter from me to my Dad sharing what Father’s Day means to me.

Dear Pop,

As Father’s Day 2017 approaches, it give me the opportunity to reflect on the tremendous influence you have had on my life. There are so many things you have taught me through your words and your actions.

First, thank you for teaching me the importance of our Christian faith. You showed me that salvation only comes from trusting in our Lord Jesus Christ to save us. You taught me to be faithful to our Heavenly Father. You taught me to be committed to our local church with our time, our giving and our faithfulness in attendance. You taught me to pass this legacy on to my children and now to our grandchildren. (All 8 of them, with one more to come.)

Secondly, thank you for showing me how to love my wife. I watched as you loved mom for over 54 years. You taught me the importance of hard work and sacrifice. I watched as you constantly put the needs of mom above your own personal needs. I watched you protect and provide for her.

Thirdly, thank you for modeling for me the importance of family. You taught me how to be a son. You taught me about loyalty and love. The teaching did not stop when Pam and I got married 35 years ago. You taught me how to be a loving husband who worked to place Christ in the center of our home.  I learned how to be a Father myself when Sara, Heather and Matthew were born. You were always there for wise counsel. I watched you love your grandkids (my kids) and wondered how could you love them so much. Jackson, Ellie, Ian, Julia, Kylie, Hailey, Addison and Levi have shown me how easy it is.

Pop, thanks for the many lessons you have taught me and for the legacy of a strong Christian Father you have left to me.



My relationship with my dad is one I will always cherish, but there is a relationship which is more important–your relationship with your Heavenly Father. Please take the opportunity this weekend to reflect on your relationship with our Heavenly Father. Is your relationship a warm, loving relationship or do you have some fences to mend? May the Lord bless you as your reflect on your relationship.

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