VBS Memories

Gloria DuffeyEvents

When I was five years old, my family moved from southern Virginia to Richmond. Every June, I looked forward to the end of the school year. While my friends went off to summer camp, I looked forward to spending several weeks with my grandparents on their farm. Sometimes, my parents drove me to their house but many summers, I rode a Greyhound bus to South Boston, VA. Yes – at the age of seven, I sat in the front row seat of the bus with my favorite doll, Mrs. Beasley, and we watched the scenery go by on the two and a half hour trip. Traveling alone was exciting but what I looked forward to the most was attending Vacation Bible School at my grandmother’s church.

During VBS, the small country church was decorated in a special theme. I vividly remember sitting in pews embossed with church members’ names, singing songs and saying pledges with my cousins. After the opening ceremony, we could barely contain our excitement as we walked to our classroom, anticipating the activities of the day. I listened intently as my teacher made the Bible lessons come alive and I learned important lessons that have stayed with me over the years. It was difficult to remain patient, knowing we would make beautiful crafts after each lesson. Our creations included an octopus made of yarn, a jewelry box made of craft sticks and a caterpillar fashioned from colorful pompoms. Afterward, we would go outside to swing, jump rope and play hide and seek. Our fun ended with a refreshing snack of cherry or grape Kool-Aid and those pretty butter cookies with the hole in the center. My grandmother and I headed home for lunch each day after she helped clean up and prepare for us to repeat the fun the next day.

The week of July 30 – August 3, we at Immanuel Baptist Church are looking forward to our week of VBS. What a great way to make memories which will last a lifetime. We will walk through the forest to our camp where we will sing songs, say pledges… and possibly see a moose! Our adventure will then take us to our campsite where our camp leaders will bring to life Peter’s amazing journey as he learns how much God loves him, even when he fails. Each day, a young adult will describe a personal journey to faraway lands where they have shared God’s love with children in Ethiopia and Jamaica. These stories of love will inspire us to bring school supplies for children attending The Charter House here in Richmond. We will end our week of fun with a picnic for our campers and their families as well as our camp leaders on Friday, after our Closing Program.

Come out and join us for Camp Moose on the Loose. We look forward to seeing you there!