To Emmaus and Back

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To Emmaus and Back

Luke’s Gospel exclusively records a conversation between Jesus and two disciples on a 7-mile dirt road between Jerusalem and Emmaus. It fits within the broader resurrection story and the places, people, and events surrounding it. 72 hours after the crucifixion, death loomed like a fog of traumatic stress over those who followed Jesus. The promise of eternal life grew from possibility (Lk 24:1-12) to probability (vs. 13-25) then from realization (vs. 36-49) to reality (vs. 50-53) in the minds of his followers. Even for those committed to Jesus—disciples who trusted him—believing the resurrection was a staggering, yet essential, element of the Gospel.

The two disciples walked to Emmaus looking like Eeyore the Donkey before Christopher Robin returned his tail (Lk 24:17). Then Jesus restored what Cleopas and his companion lost when he died. Jesus gave a foundation to their faith. Friends, the Christian faith is eternally pinned to the historical event of Jesus’ resurrection. The emotional lows of Good Friday and highs of Easter Sunday find balance in the Savior.

Jesus confronted the two disciples unexpectedly. They did not realize it was Jesus who casually walked up beside them chiming in on their conversation. Just like the 11 disciples (see Lk 9:44-45; 18:31-35), they failed to understand, to embrace, to grasp the signature, climatic event that made all of Jesus’s life and ministry—indeed all of Scripture—victorious. When the One who felt the weekend’s fury spoke, the disciples asked, “Are you the only visitor to Jerusalem who does not know?” When the One who knew all things listened, Cleopas rehashed the story as if Jesus was isolated and ignorant. Ironically, Jesus was the only one who really understood. I image a lot of things we say to God sound foolish. It took his resurrection power to open their eyes, enlighten their minds, and warm their hearts. As soon as the two disciples understood, Jesus vanished.

Life and emotions must be centered on Jesus. Our Lord is the focus of creation, history, Scripture, and the Christian life. Yet Jesus taught Scripture as more convincing than his physical presence. “And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself” (Lk 24:27). There is an inseparable unity of truth between Jesus and the Word, the Word and Jesus. One writer expressed it: “What has happened with Jesus can be understood only in light of the Scriptures, yet the Scriptures themselves can be understood only in light of Jesus.” Here’s the point: you will understand Scripture as God’s Word when you see Jesus as God’s Word because he is the fulfillment of all things.


Pastor Michael Wilburn
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On the Emmaus Road


On the Emmaus Road
(Luke 24:13-27)
Pastor Michael Wilburn

2 Corinthians 5:11-15

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• Saturday, April 7th, 6:30 PM “An Apologetic for the City”

• Sunday, April 8th, 9:30 AM “A Globalized Cities Initiative: We are Living in a Very Strategic Time for Great Commission Ministry”

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A church planter in Boston whose goal is to network global-urban-church planting by ministering the gospel to the global communities residing in the major cities of the world. He hopes to establish believing, life giving communities in the strategic city-centers of the world. He has a D. Min. in Cross Cultural Missions Strategies from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Bill has been married 42 years to Deb and they have five children and ten grandchildren. Website:

Panelists for Sunday, April 8:
Terry Hammack, SIM Int’l
Paul Manning, RVA Office of Volunteerism
Rebecca Jones, Pregnancy Resource Center
Bill Edmondson, Baptist Mid-Mission

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