Thanksgiving Pie & Praise: What to Expect?

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HosPie and Praisepitality and Pie
At 5:00 pm on Sunday night, November 18th, our church family will gather in the Fellowship Hall for Thanksgiving Pie & Praise. You can register HERE. Please bring one pie per family and deliver it to the kitchen on Sunday morning. When you arrive, start with dessert, find a place to stand or sit, and enjoy conversation with those around you.

Stories of Grace
Thanksgiving Pie & Praise is a blend of singing and sharing. You are invited to tell stories of grace during the service. How has God blessed you? How as he provided for you, answered your prayers, or saved you? These are stories of God’s grace in our lives. Sharing them for all to hear will give glory to God from whom all blessings flow. Memorable testimonies are specific to people, places, and events, beginning with “I praise God because…” or “I thank God for…”, and intended to encourage the audience.

Coming to the Lord’s Table
The service will end with observing the Lord’s Supper as we worship the Lord Jesus for what he has done to redeem us. Five elders and their spouses will stand at the front with bread and juice representing the body and blood of Jesus. The musicians will lead us to stand and sing a series of songs. You can walk to the front individually (or as a family) at any point while we sing to take the Lord’s Supper. Then return to your seat and continue singing.

Observing the Lord’s Supper in this way represents our response to the Gospel by symbolizing our repentance and faith in Jesus Christ for salvation. While the Holy Spirit woos us through conviction, it is the responsibility of every person to receive by faith the gift of salvation. This will bring back sweet memories for Christians who remember walking forward at a public invitation when they first believed.


Pastor Michael