Pray for the Malta Ministry Team

by | Jan 17, 2020

Malta Ministry Team from Immanuel Baptist RichmondWe have some exciting news!

Immanuel will be sending a ministry team to Malta, an island off the coast of North Africa, from January 31-February 7. They will be providing a Kid’s Club for the missionary children during an annual missionary conference of one of Immanuel’s missionary families working in the Mediterranean region (since this article will be on the IBC website we can’t mention their name or location). These conferences are special times for missionaries when they can get a break from ministry, are able hear God’s Word taught in English, and have fellowship with other teammates they don’t get to see regularly.

The IBC team members are: Dick & Pam Anthony, Joel & Ruthie Hess, Renita Like, and Beth & Karl David Webel. The MKs range in age from 1 ½ to 16 years old and are from the USA, Canada and Korea. There are several evening meetings and a date night planned when our team will also be with the kids. Most of these children are in isolated locations without contact with other MKs. Our team will be an important link in fostering interaction with other adults like their parents and among the kids themselves. In some cases these MKs will eventually attend colleges in their home countries with classmates they met on the mission field.

Please pray for our team:

• For the ability to plan activities and prepare well for the trip with their everyday responsibilities
• Wisdom in packing since they will need to bring everything they use with the MKs
• For team unity as they meet to prepare, and during the trip
• For good health leading up to and during the trip
• That God would use this trip in a special way with the MKs and the team. For the salvation of those MKs who may not know the Lord.


Paul Dreiling


Paul Dreiling
Church Administration/
Missions Director