New Speakers

Paul DreillingChurch News

For quite some time now the sound in our sanctuary has been less than optimal. You may have noticed that there were places, especially in the back, that it was very difficult to hear. We obtained the services of Lee Hartman and Sons, a sound engineering company, to provide us with a solution that would meet the criteria of our church. Last week the new speakers were installed by the sound company and this week the speakers were calibrated to the sanctuary.  Special thanks to Al Collins who has worked extensively with Lee Hartman to iron out all the details.

The new center speaker actually contains five speakers in one. Because of the size of our sanctuary simply having speakers up front, like we have had above the doors on the piano and organ sides, requires blasting the front rows to get the sound to the back. The new speaker uses the latest technology found in places like Richmond’s Altria Theatre. Because of the convex shape of the speaker, the sound is directed evenly throughout the room. Amazingly the speaker also has a 160 degree horizontal range, even sending sound into parts of both transepts.

As the men were working, one of them made an interesting comment to me.  He said one of the drawbacks of any sound system is sound that bounces off the walls. But then he said, “Thankfully you have that world map quilt hanging on the back wall and it is the perfect sound absorber.” Thanks to Lois McLean for her handiwork in making the world map quilt which reminds us of our commitment to reach the world with the gospel and deadens the sound in the sanctuary.