Mission RVA

Paul DreillingEvents

It is with great anticipation that we would like to tell you about our upcoming Mission’s Conference, “Mission RVA – Reaching our City for Christ,” April 7th and 8th.  Last year we decided to have two conferences each year, one in the fall to focus on International ministries, and another in the spring to focus on missions here at home.

During Mission RVA we will be updated about local ministries from our missionaries, hear what God’s word says about reaching out to our neighbors and mutually encourage each other to be involved in ministry.  Our keynote speaker will be Bill Edmondson, of Baptist Mid-Mission from Boston.  Bill and his wife Deb “believe that by ministering to the world in cities (like Richmond), we can minister to the world outside the city. That is to say, we can follow the international relationships made in the city globally, and, thereby, do the Great Commission. In order to do so, we must minister to the whole demographic of the city.”


  • Session One: (Saturday 6:30 PM) “An Apologetic for the City” – God has created mankind as social, moral, rational, and volitional beings and each of these characteristics have important implications for ministering the gospel.
  • Session Two: (Adult combined SS) “A Globalized Cities Initiative” – We are living in a very strategic time for Great Commission Ministry. During this hour, we will present a plan to target strategic cities and train Christian workers to inhabit those cities, and thereby do the Great Commission.
  • Session Three: (AM Service) “The City–God’s gift to Great Commission Christians” – The city has always been a primary means of blessing from God to man and we will be challenged to embrace God’s plan to build his church globally by ministering in the city locally.
  • Mission RVA Potluck Luncheon in the Fellowship Hall at 12:15 PM.
  • Session Four: (1:30 PM – replaces the PM Service) “A Panel Discussion” – how do we apply what we have learned during the conference? A panel of ministry leaders ministering in RVA.

(If you would like to attend the Mission RVA Luncheon, please sign up on the IBC website or Mobile App.)  Paul Dreiling