Men’s Group – Having a Vision for YOUR WORLD

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Greetings Men – It is hard to believe that we started our Spring Semester spending two weeks watching the movie “COURAGEOUS”, and then 10 weeks watching the series by Dennis Rainey called “STEPPING UP: COURAGEOUS MANHOOD”. I don’t know about you men, but this session has convicted me to the core!

I think it is amazing how our God tied the themes of the movie in with our 10 sessions this Spring…. But it is not over – not until after this week!

Our title this week is “HAVING A VISION FOR YOUR WORLD”.

Being a geek, I think we need to define two terms:

VISION – A mental picture of how things are going to appear at some time in the future – and how do WE as men impact that picture?

WORLD – What / who / where is your world?
Jesus said in Acts 1:8

i. But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

There are 5 (FIVE) dimensions to Jesus’ statement – and these 5 dimensions have ALWAYS impacted my vision of missions:

• The Holy Spirit – without the Spirit, nothing is possible!

• Jerusalem – was near where Jesus’s spent much time. It is our homes, families, neighborhoods – Henrico, Mechanicsville, Chesterfield, Richmond, VCU, U of R, Virginia Union (nearly 40,000 souls at the universities alone).

• Judea – was a bit further away… about 75 miles. It could be our hometowns or where our distant friends live – Southside Virginia, Northern Virginia, the Colleges and Universities where our young people attend.

• Samaria – was even further away from Judea… about 42 miles. Who do we know that lives roughly 120 miles away whom we need to speak to about Jesus – Other states, distant family relatives, long lost high school or work friends, old college roommates.

• The End of the Earth – Can’t put a distance on that one. But usually it’s a long, long ways from “Jerusalem” and involves a lot of cultural, ethical and financial change.

Which of the above could be more effective for reaching people for Jesus?

As individual followers of Jesus, our WORLD’s begin in the center of concentric circles – in other words where we are on a day to day basis, and where are we reaching out to from there.

• Then where our influence goes next – friends, out of town family, etc.

• Then where our longer range influence goes next – letters across country, Bible studies like this one that comes out of Texas.

• Then ultimately overseas where our influence may be diminished by cultural, financial, ethnic and religious differences.

The ultimate question for us men, is where is our world, and where can we bring the most influence to bear for HIM?

Don’t miss this one men… It will change your focus and your life!!!!

Our snacks this week are provided by the famous team of Childress and Combs. Typically there is barbecue and hot sauce involved… just sayin!!!!

God Bless you men…. Tom