Men’s Group – Taking Initiative

Tom SmithMen's Ministry

Greetings Men – First, let me say me again say thanks to all of you men who “Stepped Up” this weekend to help with the Women’s Conference. For the 530 or so ladies that attended, it was a real blessing to see men serving by handing out lunches and water bottles, keeping the coffee bar supplied with over 700 cups of coffee, emptying trash cans, directing traffic, walking them across the street and to their cars on Friday night – and the list goes on. We received many, many “Thank Yous” from the ladies, and I wanted to pass them on those of you who worked and prayed.

But one of the most interesting and impressive things I observed was the INITIATIVE I saw men taking. If they saw something that needed to be done, they did it – no matter what it was. Due to everyone’s hard work and initiative, the church facility was back in shape and ready for Sunday morning about two hours after the conference!

Interestingly, our session this week is about stepping up and taking initiative – particularly taking the initiative to keep our personal relationship with the Lord – as MEN – strong and vibrant. I came across this interesting definition of initiative I’d like to share with you.

Initiative is all about taking charge. An initiative is the first in a series of actions. Initiative can also mean a personal quality that shows a willingness to get things done and take responsibility. An initiative is the start of something, with the hope that it will continue. Government and business start initiatives all the time. You can also talk about initiative as a personal quality. A person with initiative is motivated to do things. If you take the initiative, you’re willing to get things done on your own.

In this week’s message, we hear both FROM and ABOUT people who took the initiative to do the right things in the eyes of the Lord – even though it cost some of them their lives. It begs the question for us as men, husbands, fathers, friends and brothers in Christ, “How much initiative are we willing to take to stay strong in the Lord?” And what does that require? This is another exciting and challenging series as we continue to learn to “STEP UP”! Don’t miss it!!!

God bless you men… Tom