Luke and Theophilus come to IBC

by | Feb 27, 2020

Dramatic Vignettes from the Book of Luke

Luke and Theophilus come to IBC March 8th!! Well—OK—not “actually,”—but sort of—in a dramatic form, we have the chance to see an in-depth picture of the dialogues between these two New Testament figures. Dr. Luke consistently and persistently uses letters to carefully teach the complete Gospel to his “most excellent” friend and supporter Theophilus. 

Sounds much like disciple-making, doesn’t it? I agree! Thanks to Luke’s great attention to detail, he is the most prolific writer in the New Testament, having written both Luke and Acts. In the Gospel of Luke, he tells his friend all about the life of Christ, so that the friend can completely understand the good news of salvation. Later, in the Book of Acts, Luke gives a complete history of the beginning of the church of Christ, its purpose, and the believer’s role in it.

Sunday, March 8, at 5 pm, Immanuel will host a touring drama team from Bob Jones University. BJU is a Christian liberal arts university in Greenville, SC, with a longtime legacy of excellence in education and fine arts. BJU has consistently been educating students in the truths of the Bible, while they pursue higher education, since the 1920’s.

Be sure to come, and bring your excellent friends, too! 

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Liz Dillon

Liz Dillon
Music Ministry Director