Living in Redemptive Community

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Philemon is a small book in the New Testament, but it is powerful with gospel truth.  It tells the story of how one man’s useless slave became another man’s useful son.  It shows us what happens when Jesus saves people – their lives are transformed, forever impacting their relationship with God and with others.

When we read this book, we see ourselves in the character of Onesimus.  Before Christ, we were hopeless, fearful, and rebellious.  We were slaves to sin and deserving of punishment.  In Christ, we received forgiveness and acceptance – a new identity and sense of belonging.  We were changed from useless to useful.  For every believer, the grace extended to Onesimus is the same grace that has been extended to us.

When we read this book, we also see ourselves in the character of Philemon – not only are we like Onesimus, but we also have people like Onesimus in our lives.  Paul shows us, in Philemon, what gospel love looks like; it changes how we love others.  When we have been wronged or betrayed, we are free to extend the same forgiveness that we have received through Christ.

The book of Philemon reminds us that when we encounter Jesus, everything changes.  We belong to Him, and we belong to each other.  The story of Onesimus and Philemon is our story — the story of Jesus transforming every facet of our lives, and showing us what it truly means to live in redemptive community.

Ladies of Immanuel, please join us on Tuesday nights during the month of August as we study this book together.  It is our prayer that God will refresh our hearts with a renewed love for Jesus and people, as He continues to write these stories of redemption in our families, neighborhoods, churches, and world.


  • August 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th
  • 6:00 PM
  • Led by Sara Lowery and Sarah Feiler
  • Home of Sarah Feiler (Church Hill)