Jim Bennett: A Timeline of 50 Years

by | Jan 3, 2019

Jim Bennett
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Date Event Description
May 15, 1965 Jim’s salvation A New beginning
September 1965-69 Washington Bible College B.A. in Biblical Education
August 15, 1969 Marriage to Ann Elizabeth Inman Second most important life decision
September 1969-74 Capital Bible Seminary Master of Divinity; Master of Theology
June 1968-74 Hagerstown Bible Church Youth Pastor
July 1974–91 Immanuel Baptist Church Youth Pastor
July 1991–2017 Immanuel Baptist Church Pastor of Family Ministries
January-December 2018 Immanuel Baptist Church Pastor at Large


Date Event
1974–1992 IBC Youth Pastor


Edification: Trained Gospel Teen Teams:
Junior High Word of Life Club Bon Air Home for Girls
Senior High Action Groups Beaumont Home for Boys
College Bible Studies Miller School
Challenging Retreats Patrick Henry Boys/Girls Home
Conferences/Seminars Oregon Hills Open Air Meetings
Youth Staff led Small Groups Evangelistic Cookouts
State Fair of VA Evangelistic Tent
(Moody Science Films)
Missionary Journey to Martinique
CEF & Summer Short Term Missions
Evangelism/Ministry: Exciting Activities:
Baptist-Bask-A-Thon Yearly Retreats
Oregon Hill Open Air Meetings Creative Activities
Mark Baker Youth Rally Walk of Fear & Faith
Evangelistic Cookouts Country Western Cookout
Wandering Wheels Mobile Bus Trips

1981     Graduated from Summer Institute of Pastoral Studies – Dr. Jay Adams 

1984     Dan and June Feiler take the leadership – Junior High
               35 years of outstanding service and still “ticking!” 

1987-1989     Jim assumes interim Pastoral responsibilities 

1991     Jim assumes new role as Pastor of Family Ministries (Admin Assistants: Wendy Bowles; Betsy Bennett)
              Matt and Ruthie Fletcher become Associate Pastor of Youth 

1991-2017     Twenty Six years as Pastor of Family Ministries 

MINISTRY PHILOSOPHY: To edify (build up, strengthen), equip and energize families inside and outside of Immanuel. 

Ministries to Aid in the Process of fulfilling our Philosophy: 


Growing Families International (A biblical, balanced comprehensive curriculum to strengthen the husband/wife relationship and train parents at every stage of their parenting career.) (1991-2018)

1992-2018    GKGW IBC Pilot Leaders Group Trained
4 GKGW Classes increases to 200 classes all over Richmond (50 churches)
(316 Parenting Classes at IBC 4546 parents trained)

1992-2014     MCI-8, MCI-9 Bus Ministry (129,490 miles, 260 trips: 15 NYC Tours, 5 Florida, 4 New England, 3 Katrina Relief Ministry Trips, 6 California , 3 Buffalo/Niagara Falls, etc.) (Bus Maintenance: Ken & Joann Seal, Harold Lunde, Stuart and Jeannette Bradshaw – Great Work Folks!) (Drivers: Ken & Joann Seal, John Luck, Jim Bennett, Barry Gilman, Harold Lunde, RK Elswick, Christian MacIntosh, George Souleret, Bill Jeffries)

1994-2015     Eastern Regional Administrator for GFI (Maine-Florida)
(41 GFI Leadership Training Workshop & Conferences. 6219 leaders trained.)
Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts Seminars (Basic/Advanced) (14 seminars)
Walk Thru the Bible (Old and New Testament) Conferences (2 conferences)
Family Forums (Dr. William Bosher, Kay Coles James, etc.) (5 forums)
Evan Tell Seminar (Cam Abell) (2 seminars)
Back to Genesis and Answers in Genesis Seminars (Ken Ham) (3 seminars)
Bible Conferences with Special Speakers (Dr. Kent Hughes, Ken Ham, Dr. Stan Toussaint, Dr. Jim Berg, Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, Dr. Jim Schuppe, Dr. Bill Brown, Dr. Daniel Davey, etc.)
Men’s/Couples Retreats (Dr. & Mrs. Kent Hughes, Jerry Bridges, Dr. Stan Toussaint, Bob Vernon, Dr. Don & Caffy Whitney, Matt and Lauren Chandler (14 retreats)
Shepherds Conferences (1995, 1997 with Dr. John MacArthur) (2 conferences) 

1995-1998      Elder Training Seminars (4 seminars) 

1999       Joint Heirs Class begins to reach/teach/retain young couples. 

2008      Soma Life Groups Begin (Small group ministry meeting in homes: 4-12) 

2011      Young Adults Class Begins (Spin off of Joint Heirs to reach/teach/retain young couples and singles.)
Biblical Counseling (7880+ sessions)
Sunday School messages (1500+)
Sermons (100’s) 

2013     Jim assumes interim Pastoral responsibilities 

2014     Samaritan Outreach Ministry begins 


2001-2018     Church Wide Activities:
Church Picnics
Family Skate Nights, Labor of Love
Old Fashioned Family Fun Nights
Special Musical Events (Steve Green, Fernando Ortega, Keith & Kristin Getty, Kings Brass, The Brethren, The Promise Land Quartet, Korean Children’s Choir, etc.)
Pastors Open House (Flock visit homes of all Pastors)
Meet me at the Summit (Prayer for World Missions)
Church Wide and Elder Fellowships (John Luck and Jim Bennett collaborate to provide 91 unique, memorable events – Thrill of The Grill, Brazilian Churrascaria, Dollar Dog 50’s Style, Reunion at the Capitol Deli, Meet Me at the Summit, etc.) 

2018     Jim becomes Pastor at Large (Transition to retirement)