In the Providence of God

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In The Providence of God

Pastor Michael’s topic for Sunday is entitled Health and Wellness as he shares from Proverbs 17: 22, “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”  I remember back to our days as missionaries in South America when God orchestrated a corrective surgery to save the life of a 12-year-old girl in our church.

The phone rang one night and it was a friend of ours from Florida.  He owned an orange grove near Orlando which had been for sale for some time. Being strategically located near the interstate he finally sold the property to Walmart for one of their distribution centers.  As we talked he told us that the Lord had laid it on his heart to donate the tithe from the sale for a medical need and he was calling us to see if we knew of one.  We thanked him and said at this time we didn’t know of anyone he could help, at least not yet.

In The Providence of GodAs was our custom several times a month, our family would travel further out on Saturdays to several smaller communities to hold Bible studies.  The day after the call from our friend, we were finishing one of the studies when the father, knowing Becky was a nurse, asked if she could listen to his daughter Dolly’s heart.  Pulling out her stethoscope, Becky listened and said to me in English, “It sounds like a freight train.”

Because of rheumatic fever years earlier one of her heart valves was not working properly.   We called our friends and told them what was happening.  That week we took Dolly and her dad into the Baptist Hospital’s heart center.  After a number of tests they found Dolly’s problem and began prepping her for surgery.  While talking to the social services department about the cost of Dolly’s, it hit us that we didn’t know how much our friends wanted to donate.  We immediately called and in the providence of God, his gift covered Dolly’s surgery almost to the dollar.  Isn’t the Lord good?  Dolly had a successful surgery and 3 years later after the death of her parents, she and her husband became the guardians of her younger siblings. Here she is pictured with her “family.”

Paul Dreiling

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