Gone Fishin’

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During His three years of ministry, Jesus and His disciples appear to have relied on the charity of individuals to supply their physical needs.  Not knowing how they would support themselves after Jesus’ death, the disciples, went back to fishing. “The fishing expedition plainly reveals the uncertainty of the disciples, an uncertainty which contrasts sharply with their assured sense of purpose from the day of Pentecost on.” (Morris)

Hadn’t Jesus called the disciples to give up fishing to do full-time ministry?  Forgotten were the words of three years earlier when Jesus said, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” They couldn’t see how this could happen without Him. They fished all night and they must have rolled their eyes as the stranger from the shore said, “Cast the net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some.” (John 21:6)  What does He know about fishing, aren’t we the professionals?  But they followed His instructions and it worked.

“Perhaps, if they had not fished at night, Christ would not have given them fish in the daytime. He does not often come to bless idlers; he acts sovereignly, as I have said, but he generally gives his blessing to those churches that do the most for him.” (Spurgeon)  God wants to use each of us to expand His kingdom. Your God-given gifts and abilities are needed, so each of us needs to “cast (our) net on the right side of the boat.” May the Lord find us all ministering for Him?


We trust that you will be with us for the Mission RVA – Reaching our City for Christ conference.  I know you will be challenged by Dr. Bill Edmondson’s three messages about reaching our “Jerusalem.” The final session of the conference will be a Panel Discussion after lunch in the Fellowship Hall.  We have five ministry leaders who will be answering questions about their ministries and how we can partner with them.

Paul Dreiling