Goliath Must Fall

Tom SmithMen's Ministry

Men – If you are in any way like me, you grew up with stories of GIANTS. From my earliest years, there was the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Then in the early 1960’s and 1970’s, television was filled with every kind of giant – all due to exposure to atomic bombs.  A giant woman, giant ants, and even giant ‘Lepus’ rabbits. All these things kept me awake on a Friday night when my parents would allow me to watch “scary movies”! These giants were usually taken care of by a hero with a secret “ray gun”, and all was well in the end!

And who of us who grew up in the church could forget the story of David and Goliath – the small boy who stood up against the 9-foot-tall giant that terrorized the entire Israeli army, and then took him down with one small stone?

But as I grew, I began to face some REAL giants such as Fear, Anxiety, Rejection, Comfort / Laziness, Addictions, Sickness, Unemployment, Financial and Family Fears and Worries, Tragedy, Loss and many more. As I faced these giants, there did not appear to be a hero with a “ray gun” or a small boy with a slingshot to take care of the giants in my life. Then what? Do I just cower in fear, run from them, or succumb to them and allow them to overtake my life? Especially as men, we DO NOT want to admit that we can’t handle the giants we face every day, or even admit that they scare us!

But praise God, this summer I discovered a great book by Louie Giglio entitled ‘GOLIATH MUST FALL’. Of all the giant “Goliath’s” in our lives – and men, we all have them – none of them are bigger than Jesus. Nine feet tall or 10,000 feet tall is nothing to him! And He wants to set us free from them all. To Him, a giant is anything in our lives that appears to be larger than Jesus’ ability to rescue us! Praise Him that there is NOTHING that can do that!

Men, join us this fall as we will look into this series – ‘GOLIATH MUST FALL’ – and learn how Jesus will knock our life’s giants to the ground with a resounding THUD!!