Family Worship Richmond VA
13 weeks this summer let’s slow down and worship as a family.

What is family worship? In short, it is a balance of family-as-church and church-as-family (for a fuller explanation read THIS by Timothy Paul Jones). Family worship starts at home and grows at church. If family worship at home isn’t a habit yet, then let Wednesday nights kickstart the regular practice around your dinner table.

Since we set aside the normal Wednesday routine in the summer, June through August present the perfect opportunity to gather as families. Everyone should come because it really doesn’t matter if your family fits a motorcycle or a minivan. Our goal is to gather our families as God’s family. Here’s what you need to know:

What: Read and explain Scripture, sing, pray, and fellowship
When: 6:00-7:00 pm every Wednesday (June-August)
Where: Immanuel Baptist Church – Mizpah room (unless we outgrow it)
Why: Psalm 78:5-7
Who: Open invitation to Immanuel members and guests

Charles Hadden Spurgeon wrote:

“Brethren, I wish it were more common, I wish it were universal, with all to have family prayer. We sometimes hear of children of Christian parents who do not grow up in the fear of God, and we are asked how it is that they turn out so badly. In many, very many cases, I fear there is such a neglect of family worship that it’s not probable that the children are at all impressed by any piety supposed to be possessed by their parents”  (Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, vol. 54, 362-363).

Join us this summer for Family Worship Wednesday!