Immanuel Baptist Richmond Ministries


Look below to find out what Sunday school class is right for you! Visit the welcome center and we will lead the way.

Agape – Various topics rotating between four teachers.

Ambassadors – Dick Anthony Jr. teaches the class which is comprised of senior adults, singles and couples. Class opens with music, special number by various musicians, announcements, and a study from the Bible, often with class participation. The class is divided into teams with group captains to maintain contact with class members. Four socials are scheduled each year.

Disciples – A stimulating class for adults of all ages, offering exposition and discussion designed to provide practical insight for Christian living. Emphasis is placed on the timeless truth of Scripture, its relevance and application to our lives today. Enjoy regular opportunities for friendship and fellowship to encourage one another’s growth and to reach out to visitors. Come and share your prayer requests, join in our praise and worship, and our study of God’s Word.
CURRENT CLASS TOPIC: I Peter (August-September)

CrossroadsMeets across the street in the Annex. We face many life-changing decisions between the ages of 18 and 24. Let’s embrace God’s wisdom as we navigate the next few years and share encouragement and support as we tackle what’s next.
CURRENT CLASS TOPIC: Various studies, taught by John Kinder

Fervent – Immanuel’s Fervent Class is composed of singles who desire to encourage and challenge each other to an ever-deepening faith and walk with the Lord. With a motto of “Hearts on fire for God,” the Fervent singles meet regularly for Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. Typically ranging in age from 20s to 40s, these individuals are college/university students and professionals in various fields. The format of the Sunday School class varies depending on the teacher or series, but typically includes a lesson paired with discussion opportunities. Times of fellowship range from impromptu get-togethers to day trips.

Joint Heirs – Class filled with young and young at heart couples. While we cover a rather comprehensive list of topics that are of special interest and application to our people, the Bible is always our text. We seek to be practical, relevant and biblical in our approach using a variety of teaching techniques (discussion, lecture, DVD, etc.). A time of blended worship and praise music begins each class. The class offers a wide range of fellowship options (home groups, retreats, activities) to enable each class member to experience meaningful, personal fellowship.

Mizpah Ladies – A class of warm, friendly ladies in an accepting, caring atmosphere of prayer and fellowship. Currently, they are led by Martha Hancock with Dawn Bishop as the President. The teaching method is primarily lecture with some discussion.

Women of the Word – This is a class designed to embrace and meet the needs of adult women, with a cross section of ages. The format of the class tends toward discussion, although we have a variety of teachers, with their own preferences. Topics range from studying a book of the Bible to a discussion of a DVD series, or challenging conversations generated by a book written by a Christian author. We have several socials throughout the year, to facilitate deeper friendships, as well as a promise to pray for each other.
CURRENT CLASS TOPIC  – Studying Identify Theft, a book of essays, with members of the class teaching each week

Young Adults Class – The Young Adults Class is for individuals, whether single or married, who are looking to develop a Godly worldview toward the things they encounter in everyday life. The class is led by Doug Greenwood and Gary Thomson and is lecture/group discussion format. The lessons are topical in format and are structured in such a way as to allow each week to stand on its own. Intended for those who range in age from their early 20s through mid 30s, the class also encourages fellowship during the Sunday School hour as well as periodic social events.
CURRENT CLASS TOPIC – “Christians and Social Justice” followed by “The Church: Church History and the Importance of Engagement in the Local Church.”  


Immanuel Baptist Church Richmond Virginia Mens Ministry
Throughout the year, Men’s Bible Study meets on Wednesdays At 6:45 P.M. in the Juniors Room.

June through August, the men join in on intergenerational Family Worship at 6:30 PM in the Fellowship Hall.


evergreen abernethy
This group of Senior Adults meets at noon every 3rd Tuesday of the month (except July and August) for lunch and a program of music/guest speakers in The Fellowship Hall. Various trips are planned throughout the year for mutual fellowship, learning, and entertainment.