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If some thing or some word is mentioned often in God’s Word, it is wise to assume that it must be important. Such is the case with the word TRAP or SNARE. These words appear over 70 times in Scripture. By definition, the words mean almost the same thing: To catch or involve by trickery or wile; A position or … Read More

Goliath Must Fall

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Men – If you are in any way like me, you grew up with stories of GIANTS. From my earliest years, there was the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Then in the early 1960’s and 1970’s, television was filled with every kind of giant – all due to exposure to atomic bombs.  A giant woman, giant ants, and even … Read More

Know Your Enemy

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As a student of history and military conflict and battles throughout time, there are two things that stand out to me that are required for victory: KNOWING THE ENEMY – Throughout history, identifying and knowing the enemy was key to winning a battle. Often the enemy could be identified by external appearances such as a different color of style of … Read More

Connection Correction

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Growing up in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, my Dad owned a TV and appliance repair business. One of the things my Dad taught me was how to do the basics when it came to repairing things. He also let me take apart things and try to get them back together with no pieces left over – things like … Read More

Kingdom Man

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It seems strange to me to start an article with a question, but I’ve been accused of stranger things, so here goes. What do men enjoy? After eleven years of being in Immanuel’s Men’s Ministry, three things have consistently popped up. First is food! No doubt about that. And our Men’s Ministry has plenty of it every week! And it’s … Read More

Men’s Group – Having a Vision for YOUR WORLD

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Greetings Men – It is hard to believe that we started our Spring Semester spending two weeks watching the movie “COURAGEOUS”, and then 10 weeks watching the series by Dennis Rainey called “STEPPING UP: COURAGEOUS MANHOOD”. I don’t know about you men, but this session has convicted me to the core! I think it is amazing how our God tied … Read More

Men’s Group – Having a Vision

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Greetings Men – Last week, we talked about “PLANNING & PROVIDING”. In order to do either of these things, we need to ask the question “Planning and providing for WHAT?” If we cannot answer this question, then planning and providing is going to be nearly impossible? Back when I was working for a living as an Information Technology Project Manager, … Read More

Men’s Group: Servant Leadership

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Greetings Men – One of the advantages of growing “more senior” in years is that you have a broader perspective on life. For those of you who remember “The Beatles” (and for those of you who don’t – Google them), you will no doubt know this song. When the Beatles were in their heyday in the late 1960’s, I could … Read More

Men’s Group – Taking Initiative

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Greetings Men – First, let me say me again say thanks to all of you men who “Stepped Up” this weekend to help with the Women’s Conference. For the 530 or so ladies that attended, it was a real blessing to see men serving by handing out lunches and water bottles, keeping the coffee bar supplied with over 700 cups … Read More

Men’s Group – Standing Firm

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Greetings Men – Each of us are born – gifted from God – with unique talents, gifts and abilities. Some folks can sing beautifully, excel at sports, speak eloquently, paint beautiful pictures, sculpt, etc. When I think of these folks, I think of the words in Psalm 139:13-14 – “For You Oh Lord created my inmost being; You knit me … Read More