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Paul DreillingChurch News

10 Minutes with Ernie Johnson Jr. on journalism, humility, baseball, fatherhood, and the Christian life.

The King and His Kingdom

Preparing for Sunday

The Postponement of the Kingdom (Matthew 16:24-28)

Psalm 49:1-9

Evening Service:
PromisedLand Quartet Concert
No tickets needed.

July 31st – August 4th
9-12 noon

We would love to have paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls and metallic markers to use for crafts. You can drop them off at Gloria Duffey’s office or give them to Liza Chaulklin.


Car Needed: One of our missionaries, Winnie Minear, is coming to Richmond this summer for a visit on July 19-Aug 8. If you have a car that she could use for local RVA travel, please contact her at 804.915.7345

Please attend the evening service on Sunday, July 2nd for an update on church staffing and the organization of future leadership. All are welcome.

Summer Hours: June – August
9–9:30 AM & 12–12:45 PM Sundays
11–4:00 PM Most Mondays
(Call church office)
7–7:45 PM Wednesdays after Family Worship