Big God for Small People

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I recently sat through a training at work on the topic of something called existential-humanistic therapy.  The speaker, a psychologist and psychotherapist, made this statement in relation to the paradox of human existence: “We’re food for worms and soaring with angels at the same time.  That’s our crazy condition.”

I was struck by this.  In a sense, his insight is consistent with a biblical theology of humanity: the lowliness and magnitude of being human.

How do we grasp these two extremes? How do we balance being made out of dirt with being made in the image of God?  How do we reconcile the utter insignificance of being one in 7.6 billion people with the utter significance of being one unique individual, purposefully created by God?

This spring, Women’s Ministry will be facilitating two different studies with one unifying theme: God uses people to accomplish His purposes.  On Friday mornings, ladies of Immanuel are invited to participate in a video series by Beth Moore entitled, David: Seeking a Heart Like His.  On Wednesday nights, various women from the church will be teaching through a series called Ordinary Women and their Extraordinary God.  Both of these studies will focus on individuals who had strengths and weaknesses, who knew joys and sorrows.  And while these individuals may not have been all that similar, they had one thing in common – they were inspiringly small.  One small person, from one small town, in one small country, on a planet that is one small speck orbiting a star that is just another small speck in the galaxy of stars… And amidst all of that smallness, God used these people in these places to tell His big story of redemption.

Join us, ladies, as we watch God’s one story unfold through many individual stories. Be amazed, not by the people, but by the God who loved and used the people to glorify Himself.  Be encouraged, in times of feeling lost and little, with this great wonder: the same Maker of the universe who cared about them, cares about you.  He is a big God for small people.