A Father’s Journey

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Happy Father's DayThis isn’t about me. Well…it involves me…but it’s not really about me. Keep reading…hopefully it will become clear.

Being a father was definitely not the first thing on my mind when Kelly and I entered into the covenant of marriage over 28 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t opposed to having kids, but it wasn’t a priority and I certainly wasn’t doing anything to prepare myself to one day be a father. My all-wise, all-knowing, and all-powerful Heavenly Father was well aware of this reality.

About five years into our marriage, we decided it was time to have children. What seemed like perfect timing to us, however, did not align to the perfect timing that only God in his infinite wisdom knows. So we waited patiently (true confession…we weren’t really patient and it wasn’t easy to wait). But, God, in ways only he can do, used the next four years to mold and shape and refine us so we would be ready to care for the life he would bring into this world in our daughter Kathleen.

Like most fathers I know, I was somewhat concerned that this child that had just arrived was delivered without step-by-step instructions for all the care, feeding, training, and wise counsel that would be required to ensure a successful arrival at adulthood. Much of what I have learned over the years about being a father has come through trials and mistakes and is only now clear in hindsight. But, God has been faithful and gracious in providing what I needed, when I needed it, and in ways that assured me that he was ever present.

Whether you are preparing to honor your earthly father this Father’s Day or to be honored by your children, can I encourage you to remember your Heavenly Father, too? When I look back over my journey through fatherhood I can’t miss seeing God’s fingerprints all over me and my family…making provision, providing perfect counsel, exercising mercy, and giving grace in abundance. I hope you will join me in rejoicing and giving thanks for our Heavenly Father, not just on Father’s Day, but each and every day…for he is worthy of all our honor and praise!

Keith Ober

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