small-groups(Schedule below) 
In the fall of 2010 we introduced our new small groups ministry called Soma Life Groups. These body life groups were overwhelmingly well received providing opportunity for our people to enrich their fellowship and connection with one another. As a result we offered numerous Soma Life Groups.

Review the synopsis of the material covered in each respective Soma Life Group, note the leader couple teaching that material and make your choice as to which Soma Life Group you would like to be a part of. Note: You will need to check with SLG leader couple to see if childcare is available.


  • When You’ve Been Wronged (Dr. Erwin Lutzer)
  • Guardrails: Avoiding Regrets In Your Life (Andy Stanley)
  • Five Signs of Life (Dr. David Jeremiah)
  • Counter Culture (David Platt)
  • Discussion: Pastor Wilburn’s Sermons


  • September 11
  • October 9
  • November 13
  • December 11


  • Anthony (West End): Counter Culture
  • Bennett (Southside): Discussion: Pastor’s Sermons
  • Brunner (West End): Guardrails
  • Cummings (West End-Glen Allen): Counter Culture
  • Dreiling (Southside): Discussion: Pastor’s Sermons
  • Johnston (West End/Rockville): When You’ve Been Wronged
  • Luckett (At Church): Five Signs of Life
  • Smith (Southside): Discussion: Pastor’s Sermons